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    welcome to sussy’s Diary. The wonderland of intimate stories.
    First story Titled: {How my chemistry lecturer fuc.ked living hell out of me}

    I used to like older men alot, because they satisfied my urges better than any other could, until I found myself increasingly attracted to my lecturer. He was between thirty five to thirty eight years old, yet looked very youthful and strong.. He also had an air of superiority and intelligence which scared students away from him thus making him a very big challenge to me.

    I was a crazy young girl of twenty three as of the time of this event, long dark hair,
    large innocent eyes, an hourglass figure with slim hips and firm 32C breasts.

    07:00am June 2006,

    I woke with a start.
    “sussy you have to be courageous, go to his office and beg him to help you” i reasoned with a smile. I missed chem 201 exam, due to a very terrible hangover which made me arrive the exam hall forty minutes late. Of course i was thrown out with an option of rewriting the exam the following year, but i really wasn’t cut for such nonsense; writing a carryover exam which i knew i would definetly fail without the help of my coursemates. I had to act fast, which was to meet the arrogant lecturer who equally happened to be my Idol.

    I took my time getting ready; I wanted to
    show enough of my young body to make sure he couldn’t resist. I carefully choosed a button up blouse and a tight, black
    I arrived at his office very early, knowing he would be there doing some office work. I calmly knocked, entered his office and sat right in front of his desk. He gave me a stern look, trying with difficulty, to maintain his composure as he
    hungrily eyed my wanton body. I
    tossed my hair from my face to carefully reveal more of my firm breasts.
    I gave him a seductive smile as i unbuttoned another button on my shirt so that the pale blue bra I was wearing was fully visible. He swallowed hard.

    “i missed chem 201 exam yesterday, please sir help me” i pleaded calmly,

    “how do you want me to help you?” he asked suspiciously, getting up in the process to lock his door. I smiled evily, stood up and licked my lips.

    “by passing me sir, my g.p is very low and i can’t withstand another carryover” i begged.

    “hmmm” he breathed, stroking his chin,
    “that will be very hard because you have no answer sheet, you can be landing me into trouble you know?” he murmured,

    “Let me take care of that for you sir,” I said, bravely walking up to him and planting a kiss on his cheek. He instantly froze, and stared at me with a deeply coloured face. I saw deep passion in his eyes, but i equally knew there was slight fear in them because he really was not sure of my sincerity. I could be an agent of destruction.

    Without another word i unzipped his trouser and let his c.ock free. He was easily eight inches and very
    thick. I hesitated as i felt a large strong hand on the back of
    my head pushing me down on his c.ock.

    Licking the length of his member, I started to show him how I could swallow a c.ock,
    spurred on by his loud deep groans. My pu.ssy was making me uncomfortable but I could not move with his hands forcing my
    head down. Licking the tip slowly, I used my hands to cup
    his balls and stimulate his prostate.

    He soon took over the chain of command,
    bent me over the desk and pulled down my tight, black trouser, tearing off my little pant. He surprised me by fetching a condom which was well hidden in a locked box.

    With that, he forced his large c.ock into my dripping pu.ssy.
    “aahh; I might just
    have to keep you around.” he
    moaned loudly as he slammed me again and again against the
    desk. I soon felt the pressure building
    and, with a loud scream, I came all over his co.ck, my juices dripping off his shaft and onto my legs. A second later I felt his c.ock contract as he discharged his thick c.um.

    Exhausted, he sat on
    his chair, milking the last bit of cum out his cock and looking at
    the mess that was my dripping pus.sy and wet thighs. I turned to him incredulously,

    “will i pass your course?” i asked,

    “of course dear but you will have to report to my office every day”. He grinned.


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    Next>> fastforward to years laterBUSTED IN THE ACT

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    Being a runz girl really wasn’t
    something I ever intended to be, but temptations or should i say opportunities arose to make life exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed having sex with wealthy men at the time, and it also changed my cozy, but boring life style to
    one of almost daily adrenaline and sexual highs. But then the consequencies were equally terrible. I was young and stupid.

    How did it all start??

    One Friday in late August, Bella a friend of mine visited me. She was looking so sweet, expensive and charming. A girl from a wrecked background who begged to survive way back in secondary school. Of course i was very curious to know the source of her wealth which she wasted no time in telling me.

    “i fu.ck wealthy men for money, with my looks, tits, legs and ass; I make millions a year” she explained with excitement. It truly sounded intriguing, but I was a bit skeptical and doubtful.

    “Apart from the money, Just think how
    exhilarating it is meeting a wealthy important man for the first time and allowing him to use your assets for his
    pleasure, and if you’re lucky for your enjoyment too. Each new client is an adventure, I’ve been doing this for two years. I don’t stand on the streets, I belong to a very powerful cartel. Governors, perm. Secs., Generals etc are among our clientele” she added convincingly,

    “hmmm sounds interesting, but I really don’t know if I could ever have sex
    with a stranger.” i murmured while she laughed.

    “are you a virgin?” she asked,

    “No! Why would you ask me a question like that?” i replied, a bit embarrassed with her question.

    “weren’t your boyfriend or the guys you ever had se.x with once strangers to you??” she asked.

    “Yes, of course, but i first studied them before having any relations?” i defended while she scoffed.

    “There’s no major difference between a prostitute and a girl who engages in se.x before marriage, neither is there any difference between your lifestyle and mine except for the money i make.” she lectured.

    “But It’s also against my faith” i murmured weakly,

    “Yes i know dear, but i also see that you are bored out of your tree. I can line
    you up with the chick who runs our cartel, and she can tell you
    more about it. I have to start leaving, i have an appointment in
    thirty minutes. In about two hours, I’ll be a hundred thousand Naira richer. Give me a call if you’re
    interested.” Bella with her good looks and great body hurried
    from my room.

    For two weeks I thought about all she told me, I couldn’t get
    her words out of my mind,
    ‘”i fu.ck wealthy men for money, with my looks, tits, legs and ass; I make millions a year”.’.

    I thought about my life and all the relationships i ever had. My fourth relationship ended just like the first three. I was used and dumped without mercy and nothing to show for it.

    I never knew when i gave Bella a call.

    To be continued.

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    Go on. We dey follow.

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    Nawah oh. How far you? Continue this one nah.

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